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Dylan Wittrock
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Phone: (212) 581-1857
Management: Weissenbach Management 
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Feud                                                    Young Gay Man                       FX, Ryan Murphy, Prod.
Power                                                  Rookie Cop                              STARZ, Micheal J. Basset, Dir.
A Crime to Remember                                    Freddy “Fritz” Phillips              Discovery ID, Cruz Angeles, Dir.
The Submarine Kid                              Submarine Kid                         Coronet Films, Eric Bilitch, Dir.
Beast                                                    Liam                                        Old English, Vaal English Dir.
Locating Silverlake                              Pierre                                       Coronet Films, Eric Bilitch, Dir.
New Media/Webseries
Liked                                                   Ferdinand                                WhoHaha, Ellie Monahan, Dir.
The Red Dress                                      Dieter Keller                            Odyssey Theater, Kiff Scholl, Dir.
Two Gentlemen of Verona                   Thurio                                     Shakespeare & Co., Jon Croy, Dir.
The Merchant of Venice                       Salerio                                     Shakespeare & Co., Tina Packer, Dir.
The Williams Project                           Bill                                           Theater Row, Matthew Lillard, Dir.
Edward II                                             Kent                                         The Tank, Hunter Bird, Dir.
Shattered (Reading)                            Luke                                        Paradigm Talent, Robert Ackerman, Dir
Rough Draft                                         Idealism                                   Improbable Stage, Stacy Donovan, Dir.
A Christmas Carol                                Young Scrooge                                    Titan Theatre, Lenny Banovez, Dir.    
Bohemian Lights                                 Don Latino                              Livesource, Tyler Mercer, Dir.
Romeo and Juliet                                 Romeo                                     Downtown Rep. Theater Company
The Last Days of Judas Iscariot Judas                                        Downtown Rep., Eric Bilitch, Dir.
The Firebugs by Max Fritsch                Willy Eisenring                        Downtown Rep., Peter Siragusa, Dir.
The Pillowman                                    Michal                                     Downtown Rep., Devon Armstrong, Dir.
Taming of the Shrew                           Biondello                                 Shakespeare Sun Valley, Kim White, Dir.
Atlantic Acting School – Class of 2015-16.
Languages: Fluent Spanish, Conversational French
Dialects: English (RP, Cockney), Irish, Scottish, Australian, German
Accents: Southern, Boston, New York
Instruments: Percussion, Drums
Athletics: Boxing, Fencing, Crossfit, Yoga, Baseball